To Diversify and Protect

The average American’s IRA includes stocks, bonds and mutual funds and is administered by large financial institutions. These traditional vehicles for wealth protection in an IRA do not provide any assurance.

Case and point–the importance of diversifying in absolutely different asset classes was amplified in both the 2000 and 2009 financial crises. In 2009, the stock market dropped nearly 40%, real estate values plummeted, unemployment surpassed 10% and the dollar weakened. It was evident, that although stocks, bonds and real estate are different asset classes, during crisis, all three, were highly correlated. This perfect storm evaporated retirement savings and nearly wiped out the safety net of many hard working Americans.

Mainstream media, government tax breaks, employers and large financial services companies have often, and continue, promoting investing in the stock market and real estate as a means of accumulating wealth. However, these institutions neglect to emphasize wealth preservation through investing in precious metals.

Physical gold carries an intrinsic value and will never be worth zero. Gold is considered a safe-haven asset as throughout history it has been viewed as a store of value.  It is essentially a currency that cannot be manipulated by the interest rate policies of any one government, and has traditionally been used as a hedge against inflation. The perception of gold has always been connected to wealth, and as a way of preserving it from one generation to the next.

That is why an IRA holding physical precious metals is an important option to ensure full diversification. Existing financial administrators do not provide such an option, as it is much easier to include number of hidden fees under the mutual funds. The difference between a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA and a traditional IRA is that it allows individuals a better flexibility and the ability to invest in qualified physical precious metals.

If securing your retirement, keeping the American Dream alive and ensure your family’s finances are important to you, the choice is clear. Physical precious metals should play a role in your retirement planning.

The Top Ten Benefits of Having Precious Metals in your Portfolio

1. Portfolio Diversification in an uncorrelated asset

2. Devaluing of the Dollar
3. Hedge Against Skyrocketing National Debt
4. Paper Money is not Backed by Real Assets
5. Hedge Against Inflation
6. Social Security Forecasted to be Depleted in 2034
7. Central Banks Fill Their Vaults
8. Store of Wealth
9. Liquidity
10. Privacy